Who we are

Our company imported CNC processing equipment including precise lathe, milling machines, grinding machines etc, together with our first-class talents, our products can meet international quality standards,
Computer system applies American register system to make sure steady moving and accurate registration, Inking distribution controlled on touch screen, no color difference at any speed; reclined pull register function; the tension of different substrates can be selected on touch screen, Auto inking unit wash system, cylinders can be exchanged; surface chrome finished to prevent scratches; base cylinder steadfast and elastic. Puller connected to Japan servo motor, no speed reducer; high power, less heating; enduring no wearing; The main frame is formed in one time by die-casting and processed by annealing to prevent disshape
Processed by high accuracy milling machine to keep accuracy within 0.02mm; not easy to dis-shape, wont tremble and affect registration; gears apply Chromium, manganese titanium alloy, high accuracy grade 6, hardness grade HRC58-62; enduring and highly accurate; not easy to have ink accumulation, ink lines or ghost images.