Why are digital labels better for your products?

March 21, 2020

Digital printing is quickly becoming a popular choice for printing product labels and stickers. There are many good reasons for this, including cost reduction, high quality, fast turnaround and small batch production capacity.

What is digital printing?
Digital label printing(label printing machine) obtains the digital file of your design, and then prints the image directly on the selected label material on the printing press. Unlike flexographic printing, all colors and images are produced in one step. These printing presses run slower than flexographic printing presses and are therefore ideal for ordering in small batches.

Common features of digital label projects
Decoration or original label printing
If you want the label to help sell the product and represent the brand, print quality is the key. Color consistency, image registration and color vividness can all be solved by digital labels. For example, beverage labels, food bag labels, and private label brands often run in our digital meeting rooms. If your label will be used for branding, it is most likely suitable for digital advertising. A

Short-term order
Compared with flexographic printing, the minimum value allowed by digital printing is much lower. If each product requires 500-25,000 color labels, then digital labels are likely to fit your product. For short-term operation, you will not need to keep unwanted inventory. 

FS350 PS Intermittent Offset Label Printing Machine

Variable printing on the press

Variable data printing is a form of digital printing, including on-demand printing, where elements such as text, graphics, and images can be changed from one printing to another without stopping or slowing the printing process.

When printing labels on a flexographic label printer, a new label die may be required to obtain a unique shape or size. These may cost hundreds of dollars. Flexo printing machines also use metal plates to create images for each color of the design, just like regular printing machines.

Packaging sustainability
Flexo label printing can waste a lot of material, because during the setup process, the press operator must enter the color and align the plate to make the label perfect. However, using digital label printing, basically does not need to be set to reduce your costs.

One of the best features of digital label printing is the flexibility of artwork. As the product line evolves, you may need to update the label. Because the digital version does not require a printing plate, you can easily modify the design and send the revised artwork, and you can print without paying an additional printing plate fee. This is very useful for start-up brands or series running with multiple SKUs. 

Not every product is suitable for digital printing. Most medical device labels, two-color labels, or complex coupon labels do not work well with digital printing. If you use a small amount of labels in any type of food packaging for beverage manufacturing, digital label printing may be a way to save you time and money.