What are the common faults of the Flexo Printing Machine ink supply system?

January 24, 2021

If the Flexo Printing Machine ink supply system fails, it will affect normal printing. What are the common failures of the ink supply system?

The ink supply mechanism is composed of an ink fountain roller, an ink transfer roller, an ink string roller, and a plate ink roller. The common faults are: insufficient ink supply, large ink supply, unstable ink supply, etc. The above faults can be eliminated by checking the working conditions of the ink fountain roller and ink nails and whether the pressure between the ink rollers is normal.

When adjusting the ink roller, you should adjust and test whether the left and right balance of each rubber roller is consistent. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the pressure of the ink roller against the plate is moderate, and the ink distribution roller and the ink delivery roller cooperate well to keep the ink absorption of the printing plate uniform, to a large extent Avoid the inconsistency of the inconsistency between the front and back of the ink color of the printed product, and carefully check whether the surface of the rubber roller is smooth and clean, and whether there are big hard scratches such as indentation, scratches or poor adjustment of the ink, which may cause local conjunctiva and crystallization. appear. Due to the large temperature difference between winter and summer, the pressure can be appropriately increased in winter and reduced in summer.