Intermittent rotary bronzing method

June 29, 2019

Intermittent rotary bronzing method--professional label maker machine
One: first hot stamping method
When the labeling machine with the intermittent paper feeding unit is used to print labels with ordinary ink, the first hot stamping method is used. Since the ink used is oxidative polymerization drying type, it takes a certain time for the printed ink layer to dry completely, so bronzing The pattern must avoid the ink. The best way to avoid ink is to pre-warm the roll material and then print it.
The use of the first hot stamping method requires that the printed pattern and the bronzing pattern be separated (parallel) because the surface of the electrochemical aluminum is smooth, not inked, and cannot be printed. The first hot stamping prevents the ink from being dirty and ensures the quality of the label printing.
Two: post bronzing method
The post-bending method is applied to an intermittent rotary machine in which the hot stamping component is mounted on the back door, and UV ink is used for printing. The web material is first printed and the ink is dried instantaneously by a UV drying device and then bronted on the surface of the material after drying or on the surface of the ink. Since the ink is dry, the bronzing pattern and the printed pattern can be juxtaposed or overprinted without ink smudging.
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