How to use Flexo Printing Machine fountain solution?

January 13, 2021

In order to ensure the performance of Flexo Printing Machine, it is very important to choose the right fountain solution. So what should be paid attention to when using Flexo Printing Machine fountain solution?

1. Printing plate: CTP plate and PS plate have different surface properties. The CTP version requires a thicker dampening liquid film. In addition. The stronger the adsorption force of the blank part of the printing plate to the water film, the more fountain solution is needed.
2. The ink needs to appropriately increase the concentration of the fountain solution for inks that are difficult to emulsify.
3. Graphic and text of printed matter: The amount of fountain solution when printing on-site is obviously greater than that when printing text and dot graphics.
4. Ambient temperature: the higher the ambient temperature, the greater the amount of fountain solution.
5. Printing speed: The amount of dampening solution increases as the printing speed increases.
6. The water content of paper is high, and the amount of fountain solution is small; on the contrary, the water content of paper is low. Large amount of fountain solution. at the same time. When the surface strength of the paper is low, appropriately increasing the amount of fountain solution can reduce the dirt problem caused by paper powder and lint.

Therefore, when Flexo Printing Machine uses fountain solution, you need to pay attention to these details.