How to identify the type of printing press machine?

November 17, 2019

When it comes to printing press machine, everyone is very familiar with it. It is a printing device and belongs to the category of equipment accessories. The printing machine is a machine for printing characters and images. Modern printing press machines generally consist of a structure such as plate loading, ink coating, embossing, and paper feeding. The invention and development of printing presses play an important role in the spread of human civilization and culture. So how do we classify it? Let's take a look at Naibi Printing for a brief introduction.
printing press machine
Letterpress printing machine
What is a letterpress press? A letterpress printing machine is a machine in which the graphic information on the printing plate is higher than the blank area. The letterpress printing machine can be further divided into a flat pressing type letterpress printing machine, a circular flat type letterpress printing machine, and a circular pressing type letterpress printing machine. The printing characteristics of the letterpress printing machine are that the ink color is thicker, and it can generally be printed on a rough substrate. The color tone is generally reproducible, and is mainly used for trademarks, packaging and decoration printing, and newspaper printing.
Lithographic printing machine
The so-called lithographic printing machine is a machine that uses a lithographic printing process to complete the printing process. There are three types of lithographic printing machines, offset printing machines and stencil printing machines, mainly based on offset printing machines. Using the principle of water and oil repellent, the graphic part is resistant to water and oil, and the blank part is resistant to oil and hydrophilic without sticking ink, and the ink of the inked part is transferred to the surface of the printed matter under pressure to complete printing. It is distinguished from other printing methods by the feature of a dampening device.
Gravure printing machine
An intaglio printing press is a machine in which the graphic portion of the printing plate is recessed and the blank portion is on the same plane as the outer circumference of the plate cylinder. The gravure printing machine is printed by circular pressing direct printing, and the printing plate is directly formed on the plate cylinder, and the ink is inked or inkjet. Since the ink layer is thick, a quick-drying ink with strong volatility is used, and a drying device is required, which is generally applied to glass bag printing of instant noodles, and aluminum foil bag packaging of biscuits.
Label screen printing machine
The label screen printing machine uses a screen plate to complete the printing process. It is generally divided into a flat screen printing machine, a curved screen printing machine, and a rotary screen printing machine. Screen printing machine is a representative printing equipment in stencil printing machine. Its printing plate is a criss-crossing, warp and latitude wire mesh woven from materials such as silk. Mainly used for screen printing, circuit board printing, cloth printing, can printing, imprinting, partial glazing, etc.
The above is a brief introduction to the four classifications of the printing press. Through this sharing, can you initially distinguish the printing press?
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