Characteristics of High Speed Intermittent Label Letterpress

July 15, 2020

With the development of science and technology, the progress of technology, printing technology is also changing with each passing day, there are many kinds of printing equipment. The high speed intermittent label letterpress is one of the new printers.
It is composed of left and right wall panels, horizontal platen, longitudinal slide rail, transverse slide rail, screen frame, pressure cylinder, ink return knife and scraper.The bottom of the longitudinal slide rail is fixed on the transverse slide rail. The bottom of the vertical slide rail is fixed on the horizontal slide rail. The bottom of the horizontal table plate is provided with an upper sliding block. The upper sliding block is arranged on the longitudinal sliding rail. The side of the horizontal table is fixed with a rack. The rack is meshed with the rack driving gear, and the rack driving gear is driven by the rack drive motor, The screen frame is placed on the horizontal platform, and the pressure cylinder can be rotated between the left and right wall panels, and the pressure cylinder is driven by the cylinder driving motor.
This kind of printer has the advantages of high printing speed, good printing quality and high printing precision, which is loved by many enterprises.